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Error when using PHP 5 (MAMP)- JPL Java Bridge- and Aspose.slides

Per the instructions at this link:


I’m using the JPL (not the other PHP one, which appears to be a dead end in php.net) to try and and do this:


require_once ( “…/PPTParserJava/java/java.inc” );

java_require ( “aspose-slides-” );


That’s the entire PHP file, and the jar file is in the same directory. I also move it into a libs directory and try the libs\ syntax in the instructions, same problem; it can’t open the jar file. I also try the “Aspose.Slides for java.jar” syntax I find in the basic directions for the component, same error.

I successfully load other JARS into my php files with the same setup, and all the samples within the JavaBridge directory (which is what you install in the root of your PHP-enabled web server to enable the java bridge) work; I can call operations on the java classes within, no issues.

Here’s the entire error that PHP errors is reporting:

[04-Feb-2010 16:59:56] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught [[o:Exception]:“java.lang.Exception: Invoke failed: [[o:JavaBridge]]->updateJarLibraryPath((o:String)[o:String], (o:String)[o:String], (o:String)[o:String], (o:String)[o:String]). Cause: java.io.IOException: Could not open jar file aspose-slides-, reason: error in opening zip file VM: 1.5.0_22@http://www.apple.com/” at:

#-31 php.java.bridge.DynamicJavaBridgeClassLoader.checkJarFile(DynamicJavaBridgeClassLoader.java:108)

#-30 php.java.bridge.JarLibraryPath.createUrls(JarLibraryPath.java:192)

#-29 php.java.bridge.JarLibraryPath.checkURLs(JarLibraryPath.java:117)

#-28 php.java.bridge.JarLibraryPath.(JarLibraryPath.java:64)

#-27 php.java.bridge.DynamicJavaBridgeClassLoader.checkJarLibraryPath(DynamicJavaBridgeClassLoader.java:74)

#-26 php.java.bridge.JavaBridgeClassLoader.updateJarLibraryPath(JavaBridgeClassLoader.java:89)

#-25 php.java.bridge.JavaBridge.updateJarLibraryPath(JavaBridge.java:1417)

#-24 sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor31.invoke(Unknown Source)

#-23 sun.reflect. in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/PPTParserJava/java/Java.inc on line 117

Could use a resolution on this quickly if possible please, I’m working for a client and they have a purchase decision riding on this.

Thanks for the help.

Hi Tim,

Thanks for showing keen interest in Aspose.Slides.

We are working on your specified issue and will try to update you with the appropriate solution to this problem ASAP.

Sorry for inconvenience.

Thanks and Regards,