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Error while renderring image


Note: The RenderImage.aspx will render an image from the database based on the id.

I am using DocumentBuilder.InsertHTML to render html. If that html includes any image tag like the below then its giving NoImage (Resource not found) error.

But if i used like the below then its comming properly

I found solution for this (). We need to configure proxy setting to bypass this ip like the below. Then its comming properly.




<proxy usesystemdefault="false" proxyaddress= bypassonlocal="true" />




Here my requirements

1) My client dont want to configure proxy without knowing the reason.

2) My client is expecting without including localhost or ip address.

Could u pls help me on this.




First of all, please download the latest version of Aspose.Words. If the component cannod load an image from an URL, it should insert a small red cross image as IE does. One of the earlier versions had a bug that caused the "Resource not found" error you describe. So just download and install the latest version first.

With regard to the problem itself, it apparently has to do with some configuration settings of your application, not Aspose.Words. We use the standard approach involving the WebRequest and WebResponse classes to load an image from HTTP. I tried to load an image from localhost using InsertHtml and I succeeded whatever I specified in the URL, either "localhost" or "". Please try to load the image from your URL using WebRequest and WebResponse and if it fails, review your configuration.