EULA download/plain text


My legal department insists on having local copies of all End User Licence Agreements at point of purchase, stored for prosperity, preferably in text I can inject into larger documents (e.g. RTF/HTML)

Can you please send the Aspose.Total EULA to me & maybe turn on the option to download the PDF in your online EULA page? It looks quite straight forward by specifying download=True and re-signing the request.

In addition I could not see a ThirdPartyLicences.Aspose.Slides.for.NET.pdf in the download. Are there any 3rd party licences for the Slides component?



Thank you for contacting support.

Latest version of Aspose.Slides API contains ThirdPartyLicences.Aspose.Slides.for.NET.pdf as you can download it from Downloads Section. About EULA, we are afraid that a downloadable version may not be provided because of company policy.



I’ve sent you a copy of the Aspose EULA in TXT format to your email account.