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Hi Team,

I am in the process of evaluating your product, we need to make use of your functionality of xml to PDF. But when i am trying to play around with documentation i am not getting good information of all the information about the tags.

Could anyone guide me to correct documentation.

For example : I am trying to set properties for on a in xml.


Hi Arun,

Thanks for your inquriy. Please note we have introduced new XSD schema of Aspose.Pdf(new generator). It includes in MSI installer. When we install Aspose.Pdf via installer it is copied at C:\Program Files (x86)\Aspose\Aspose.Pdf for .NET\Xml. I have also attached here for your reference. Furthermore, please use BindXml method of Document class for XML to PDF conversion as following.

Document doc = new Document();
doc.BindXml(myDir + “sample.xml”);
doc.Save(myDir + “testxml.pdf”);

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further query or concern.

Best Regards,

I am trying to create XML tags without using your .net and call the method Bindxml

Aspose.Pdf.Generator.Pdf pdf1 = new Aspose.Pdf.Generator.Pdf();
//Bind XML into the document
pdf1.BindXML(myDir + “ReportTemplate.xml”, null);
pdf1.Save(myDir +“ReportTest.pdf”);

Which creates the pdf file without an issue, but i want to set lots of attributes for a text underline, text bold ,
i am not sure how to set this attributes for a text or cell.

Is there list of all attributes for a xml is listed somewhere ?


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Hi Arun,

Thanks for your inquriy. We are looking into your requirements and will update you as soon as possible.

Best Regards,

Hi Arun,

We are sorry for the delayed response. As suggested above please use new XSD Schema to create XML. Please find a sample XML to add bold and underline text in a table cell using new DOM.

Document doc = new Document();
doc.BindXml(myDir + "DOM_TableXml.xml");

Please feel free to contact us for any further assistance.

Best Regards,