Evaluation Copyright Warning on licensed product


I am using a licensed version 2.5.0 of Aspose.cells on JAVA and getting 'evaluation version' sheet is appearing on any spreadsheets generated by this component despite the application that uses the component not been changed nor rebuilt. and my aspose licence file version is 2.2

Any help that you can provide to remedy this would be appreciated.


Hi Shailendra,

Can you please confirm that you are using the License [.lic] as described in the below linked technical article.

Hi Raza,

Thanks for you reply.

We are using aspose total in our project which includes aspose slides, aspose cells and aspose pdf jars and the license file which we are using is "Aspose.Total.Java.lic".

Please let us know that we need to use the same file or the file which you mentioned i.e "Aspose.Cells.Lic".




Thank you for providing us the further details. Your License file Aspose.Total.Java.lic is valid for your product. Now, I will transfer this thread to related forum of Aspose.Total Product Family. Where one of our colleagues from that team will assist you in regard.


I think you need to set license for each Aspose’s Java product individually in code explicitly and separately using fully qualified naming. I think it is quite possible that may be the License class is not from com.aspose.cells.License So, please make sure that you are using the the component API from the package com.aspose.cells.*, try to use fully qualified naming when creating objects for the classes e.g License.
com.aspose.cells.License licenseCell = new com.aspose.cells.License();

com.aspose.slides.License licenseSlide = new com.aspose.slides.License();



Thank you.

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I am using the Correct Aspose.cells API to set license, valid license file with expiry date as “20190926”
and aspose.cells version as 18.8 to generate the excelsheet.

By default the exported excel sheet containing “Evaluation Warning” sheet.

Please help me to figure out this issue

Note : i’m using Aspose Total Product family lic and setting license only for word and cells as per Aspose License API.

Thanks & Regards,
Shyamala B

You may please create a new simple console application and test the validity of license with the API version which you are using. Write a very simple code using all the Aspose products in your application like creating each type document and just saving it. If still problem is there, please share the application and license file with us by marking this thread private. We will check this issue here and provide assistance accordingly.