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Evaluation Copyright Warning When Downloading

Our company has had licensing for Aspose Cells f/,NET OEN for several years. In the past week, our business users have been receiving an “Evaluation Copyright Warning” error when downloading from our application to Excel. This is not a error we have seen before. Our license is valid through 12/21/19.

Please advise what needs to be done to remove this warning.

Thank you
Tameka Stanley


Please send your license in a private message and we will update you after investigating it on our end. You can click on my name and find “Message” Button, in order to send a private message.

I clicked on your name but I do not see the message button. Please help with locating so that I can send our license to you.

You may please login to the forum and click my name or pink icon “A”. You may see the view as shown in the attached image.Press the message button and send us the license. If you do not see this view please share image for our analysis.
Message.png (53.8 KB)

I do not see the message option. Attached is what I see when I click your name.
Capture.PNG (39.7 KB)


It looks like you don’t have sufficient rights to post a private message (with attachment). Anyways, in the mean time, could you reproduce your issue in a simple (separate) application. Please create a simple console (application), zip the project and post us here to show the issue. Please do not include your license file into the zipped project as we will use any other valid license (by placing it as per the SetLicense() method path) to test the scenario/ case on our end. Moreover, I think the issue might be on your side, I suspect the licensing code is not processed at all, so you should debug on the module of licensing code in your project (e.g place break points on the lines of code) if the lines are processing or not. For your information, the licensing code should be processed first and evaluated at least one time in the whole application life cycle. Furthermore, if your license was not valid or already expired but your licensing code was processed, then you will get a warning message/exception to denote that your license was expired to use the Aspose.Cells version.