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Evaluation download and image query?

Is there anyway that i can make sure the aspose word software can handle images. I am currently getting the following message when i try to insert an image:

An error has occurred.
WordWriter Error: This template contains image fields. WordWriter Enterprise Edition is required for image insertion.

Can i download an evaluation of the enterprise edition so i can try out the full functionality of the software.

Any help would be appreciated as i would like to make sure it can do all the things i require it to do before i purchase it.


Hi Nathan,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Hmm… Are you sure Aspose.Word shows this, not another product?

Aspose.Word allows to insert images either using the document builder or during mail merge without any limitations. You can download the evaluation version of Aspose.Word from our download page for free and at any moment to test it. The evaluation version is fully functional and its only difference from commercial version is garbage text and evaluation watermark that are inserted into the document on open and save.