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Evaluation Only Created with Aspose Imaging box in top left corner


I am using aspose-imaging-19.3-jdk16.jar to convert a J2k file to Jpg file.

String fileName="omp316261360039520293bpp";
 com.aspose.imaging.Image image = Jpeg2000Image.load("C:\\Users\\CTC18\\Desktop\\RE__Makkah_Attachment_extension_\\"+fileName+".j2k");
    "C:\\Users\\CTC18\\Desktop\\RE__Makkah_Attachment_extension_\\"+fileName+".jpg", new com.aspose.imaging.imageoptions.JpegOptions());

After conversion of file , Aspose is adding a tag on top left corner. Is it related to licence?
I have valid licence.
I am also using aspose-pdf-19.3.jar for other purposes. There I am not getting any error or tag of invalid of licence.
Please guide me.
This is the converted file. omp316261360039520293bpp.jpg (469.5 KB)



The issue you are having is owing to missing license Aspose.Imaging in your application. You need to use proper API license on your end to avoid getting watermark in processed output. Please visit this documentation link for your convenience.