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Evaluation only line appears on top of the file on paid license


We have a paid license for .Net Aspose.PDF family and sometimes when we run batch processing scripts after a few files have processed successfully the Aspose S/W puts the following line on the documents:

Evaluation Only. Created with Aspose.Pdf. Copyright 2002-2017 Aspose Pty Ltd.

This is really random and when this occurs the .Net server starts throwing http 500s level errors and the whole system becomes unusable. Would you why/when this happens?

Thank you!


It is difficult to say anything regarding the root cause of this problem. Kindly create a small application project, which reproduces this error in your environment, and then send us a ZIP of this project. We will test your scenario in our environment and share our findings with you.

Besides this, we recommend to apply license in some common area of the application, e.g. application start event. When the license is applied to the application or process level, then you do not need to apply license again till the lifespan of the application. Though, it is not harmful to apply license multiple times in the code.

Hello Imran,

Is there a limit on the # of times the license file can be applied in the application? I think the way we have the code set up right now is, each time a pdf conversion/extraction of text is needed, a controller is invoked and it applies the license file to the process and return the results.

Thank you,


There is no limitation to apply license in the application. Kindly send all details of the scenario, including source document and code. We will investigate your scenario in our environment, and share our findings with you.