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Evaluation questions about thumbnails and multi threading

Your product looks VERY promising. We are currently at the tail end of a project that we tried to use Office Automation for.

First off, the speed with concurrent users is atrocious with regular Office Powerpoint. So my question is: How well does the Aspose.Powerpoint object handle concurrent users. If we recommend switching to your library, we will need to have concurrent usage speed gains. These users will not be accessing the same Powerpoint files, but they may be accessing API functions on different files at the same time.

Second, after reviewing the API, I think the only feature that we need to replace our current code is the Slide.Export feature that writes out an image representation of what the slide looks like. We use this to generate thumbnails for our web app.

Also, what is the best way to PDF a PPT? Is there any synergy between the Aspose.PDF product and the Aspose.Powerpoint product?

And assuming we are licensing the library for use on one server for one web app, what is the difference between Limited and Unlimited?

Matthew Scott

Dear Matthew,

Thank you for considering Aspose.PowerPoint.

Congratulations! You did find the right place if you try to find a perfect alternative for Office Automation. Basically Aspose is being identfied by customers as an expert to hack Microsoft Office file formats.

As Aspose.PowerPoint is written in pure C#, concurrence or multithread is no problem at all. Why not benchmark the demos included in the downloadable package? You will find Office Automation can never match that.

You need PPT2PDF, right? Did you check the demos included in Aspose.Word? Download Aspose.Word then check how Aspose.Word enables you to implement DOC2PDF. Actually Aspose.PowerPoint will follow the same way: PPT2XML then XML2PDF. Shortly the Aspose.PowerPoint Team will let you know the available timeframe.

For your licensing needs, probably you need to choose like this:

Platform: Web
Domain Name: One.

For the rest options please choose them by yourself.

Shortly Alex may reply this post also. Please check back.

Thanks for the info on multithreading.

Yes. I am looking for the PPT2PDF feature.

The only real feature that I need to have before I purchase the product is the ability to produce Image thumbnails for individual slides within the presentations. We use these dynamic thumbnails on our web-based application to let users know what the slide looks like.


The ability to create a thumbnail is also a feature i would be very interested in.

Dear Matt and JTaylor,

We will start work with PPT2PDF and thumbnails on the next week.
I will write more exact dates.

I’d like to get a status on PPT2PDF and thumbnails if possible.

We are waiting on these features to purchase the product.


Dear Matt,

Main part of ppt2pdf was implemented but we are waiting for absolute positioning text and pictures feature in the Aspose.PDF component.
Aspose.PDF team promised to finish it before the end of September.

Actually, I could wait on the PDF portion, the critical MUST have piece is generating images of what a slide looks like.

Since our application is web based, we use that feature of the Powerpoint API to show users what the slide looks like.

If that piece was ready, then I could always purchase the higher end license of your API now, and upgrade once PDF was ready later.


Dear Matt,

I will publish new version with thumbnails on Monday so you can test it.