Example using a Smart Marker Dynamic Formula?

Hi, you have provided examples of the use of various Smart Marker Options in your documentation (Aspose > Documentation > .NET Components > Aspose.Cells for .NET > Programmer's Guide > Aspose.Cells > Advanced Topics > Smart Markers).

The documentation gives me a good understanding of most of the features, like &=DataSource.FieldName, &=&=RepeatDynamicFormula and &=subtotalN.

However, I am unable to understand the use of &==DynamicFormula. Could you provide me with an example or explanation?

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Hi John,

The difference b/w “&=&=RepeatDynamicFormula” marker and “&==DynamicFormula” marker is that repeat dynamic formulas always repeats with each and every row (it may fill data into the cells with respect to other data rows repeatedly etc.) while simple dynamic formula does not repeat at all and it only works once where it is inserted. It will give you the single output result. You may try to use it in some template files as you use repeat dynamic formulas and see the result/difference for your understanding.

Thank you.

Hi Amjad.

Thanks for your quick response.

Could you elaborate on the usage of &==DynamicFormula? I'm not able to see the difference between this tag and the use of ordinary formulas in Excel, like =SUM(D5:D5).

For instance, in the article I referred to in my previous post, in the example "Second Worksheet of SmartMarker_Designer.xls file Containing Mixed Smart Markers", cell D7 contains the formula =SUM(D5:D5). Would you say that I could replace this formula by &==SUM(D5:D5)?

But what is then the purpose of &==DynamicFormula, if ordinary Excel formulas would do?

Sorry for quibbling about this, I'm just trying to see what added functionality &==DynamicFormula would provide me.

Regards John


Well, “&==DynamicFormula” works almost the same way as simple formulas e.g “=SUM(…)”.
For your information, “&=&=RepeatDynamicFormula” will repeat formulas according the row numbers based on values of the data table. The “&==DynamicFormula” will not repeat but it will replace row or column in {r}or {c} accordingly and only once. e.g. “&==B{r}” --> the formula might be =B1, where r refers to the current row where the smart marker is inserted. For your further information, we introduced this “DynamicFormula” marker initially (when we designed smart markers) when there we do not have much variety of the smart markers. You may say that the “DynamicFormula” works almost the same way as simple formulas.

Thank you.