Excel 2007 full support



After the v4.3 release it was announced that Aspose.Cells is capable of importing/exporting the Excel 2007 file formats. When the file is imported, is it possible to manipulate data in it like for the Excel 2003 format, or the functionality is missing until the next release?

Is it known when will be the next release with the full support for Excel 2007?

Thank you!




Well yes, the newer version of Aspose.Cells will support to import/export Excel 2007 xlsx file format, manipulate data and all that. We are in the process of final testing of the version related these features before release.

Hopefully the next version will be availabe within 2 weeks time.

Thanks for being patient!


Thank you, Amjad

This is good news.


Actually in v4.3 we have already supported your need. And now we are enhancing xlsx features.