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Excel 97-2003 document with autoshapes errs when opening in Aspose

Using the following code in VB.NET 2003 with Apose.Cells version to open an Excel 97-2003 document to write custom properties:

app = New Aspose.Cells.Workbook

CType(app, Aspose.Cells.Workbook).Open(m_filePath)

Throws the System.InvalidCastException error (interesting notes-opening and saving in Office 2007 corrects this error - however, customer only has Office 2003. Also running document inspector in Office 2007 on this file finds hidden printer path):

StackTrace " at ஈ.⿊.Ⱨ(Shape ݁, Byte[] ⿙, Int32 ض, Byte[] ⿚)

at ஈ.⿊.Ⱨ(Byte[] ⿏, Int32 ض)

at ஈ.⿊.⿎()

at उ.⸃.⽻(⾡ Ի)

at उ.⸃.⾎(⾡ Ի)

at उ.⸃.⾒(MemoryStream Ի)

at उ.⸃.⾏(ׯ ڝ)

at उ.⸃.ء(Stream Ի)

at Aspose.Cells.Workbook.Open(Stream stream, FileFormatType type)

at Aspose.Cells.Workbook.Open(String fileName)

at Cebos.Office.cboWord.mq1Document.updateProperties(Object app, String extension, openModes openMode)


I can find the issue using your template file (by opening it using Workbook.Open). I have logged your issue into our issue tracking system with an issue id: CELLSNET-17571. We will figure your issue out soon.

Thank you.

Thank you for your prompt response.


Please try the attached version, we have fixed your mentioned issue.

Thank you.

The new Aspose.Cells.dll is either for the wrong platform or incorrectly built.

This is a VB.NET 2003 project. When I added to the executable folder for my application and ran it, I received a fatal error when attempting to open the Excel document.

When I went to the development project and attempted to add the Aspose.Cells.dll I was sent as a reference (as earlier versions were referenced), I received a ‘not a valid assembly or COM component’ error (see attachment).

Please advise ASAP.


Well, the Aspose.Cells.dll file v4.9.1.10 is actually compiled on .NET framework 2.x, so it will work only on VS.NET 2005 or greater versions.

We will soon provide you .NET 1.x compiled version/fix of the component for your need, that will will work on your VS.NET 2003.

Thank you.

In your e-mail yesterday you mentioned I may get the .NET 1.x version/fix sometime today.

Is that still possible?

Thanks for all your help, JR


Hopefully we will provide you the .NET1.x compiled version/fix tomorrow.

Sorry for a bit delay.


Please find attached the latest version/fix compiled on .NET1.x for your need.

Thank you.

I am able to add the new .dll to my project, however, I think I need a new license for it. Throws an error when the second line below executes with my existing license file.

Dim licenseCells As Aspose.Cells.License = New Aspose.Cells.License

Thanks in advance.

The license is the problem. Inner exception I just trapped is:

The subscription included in this license allows free upgrades until 11 May 2010, but this version of the product was released on 13 Jun 2010. Please renew the subscription or use a previous version of the product.


I am afraid, you need to upgrade your subscription to use this fix.

Thank you.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as CELLSNET-17571) have been fixed in this update.

This message was posted using Notification2Forum from Downloads module by Aspose Notifier.

While trying to keep the API as straightforward and clear as possible, we have decided to recognize and honor the common development practices of the platform; we have re-arranged API Structure/ Namespaces.

With this release, we have reorganized the API classes for Aspose.Cells component. This change has some major aspects that we follow. We have added new namespaces. The entire API (classes, interfaces, enumerations, structures etc.) were previously located in the Aspose.Cells namespace. Now, certain sets of API have been moved to their relative namespaces, which make the relationship of classes (with their members) and namespaces clear and simplified. It is to be noted here, we have not renamed existing API (classes, enumerations etc.) but, I am afraid you still need to make certain adjustments in your existing projects accordingly.

For complete reference, please see the product's API Reference.