Excel Barcode Recognition

Hi, I need to scan 1D barcodes in excel. At some point I may want to create as well, however, I my need is to scan to excel. Does your company offer this type of software and if so which one.

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Well, I am not completely sure but I think you may use Aspose.BarCode for .NET component to read, scan or generate ID Barcodes. Could you post a query @: Aspose.BarCode for .NET forum: http://www.aspose.com/community/forums/aspose.barcode-for-.net-java-and-reporting-services/193/showforum.aspx and give them some details, they will help you soon. You may also check Aspose.BarCode documentation too: http://www.aspose.com/documentation/visual-components/aspose.barcode-for-.net-and-java/index.html Also, you can check their featured demos specially

for your need.

Thank you.