Excel can't open files that modified by Aspose.Cells


Hello, I use Aspose.Cells for java and have some problem.


Aspose.Cells for java ver 1.7.0.

Excel 2003

Problem is below.

  1. Open a template Excel file using Aspose.Cells.

    (This template file contains many(more than about 60) autoshapes and textboxes.)
  2. Set some data to template file and save as new file name.
  3. When I open a saved file, Excel shows Error dialog. “Can not read from file.”

    (I use Japanese Environment. Maybe, this message is a little bit different.)
  4. After this dialog, Excel shows another window.

    This window says Excel find a error in Excel file, and sucess to recover from error.

    But only values and formula in cells are recoverd.

    All shapes and textboxs and cell styles disappear.

    When I used Aspose.Cells for java ver 1.4.2, this error didn’t happend.

    This error happens after ver 1.4.3.

    If I delete some autoshapes in template file, error doesn’t happen.

    Is this some limitation?




Could you post your file ? We assume this problem is caused by Japanese Environment.


Hello, thanks for quick response.

I will post zip file. This contains two files.

One, template.xls is template file that open with Aspose.cell.

Two, result.xls is output file of Aspose.cell.

When I open result.xls, Excel shows error dialog.

Template.xls has two sheets.

Program sets data to both sheets. Only first sheet contains autoshapes and textboxes.

And program inserts new row to first sheet.

Some data in result is Japanese charactor.

If your environment don’t have Japanese charactor, you will see incorrect data.



Please try this fix.We have fixed this bug.



I tried this fix, and it works well.

Is this fix based on 1.7.0?

When official version will be released?

Thanks a lot!.



Yes. This fix is based on 1.7.0.

We will release new version at next week.