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Excel Comments

How long until this program supports Excel comments? I would buy at least 2 copies right now if it did. Is it possible to implement comments in the current setup? The API didn’t mention them.

Thanks for your consideration.

Current release allows you to read Excel spreadsheet including comments while it doesn’t allow you to use API to write comments to your speadsheet.

Is it OK for you? If not please let me know.


This is probably not ok for our requirements. It’s a shame because now we will probably have to automate Excel on the server, which we didn’t want to do. Why don’t any products have the Excel comments? Is it difficult to implement, or is it some licensing issue?

Thanks for the prompt response!

Dear boom_boom,

I believe there is no licensing issue. Also it can be implemented if you give us time.

So please let me know your expected availability schedule for the API comment support. Then we try to fit your needs.


We’d like to have it as soon as possible :slight_smile: But in reality, the deadline for our project to end is the May 30th. If you could have it before then (the sooner the better), we would purchase. If not, I understand.

Dear boom_boom,

We will provide an API like this:

Cell.AddComments(string author, string comments)

And it will be available within 2-3 weeks.

When it is available, I will immediately send you as a hot fix.

Is it OK for you?

That sounds like it might work. This would also support the reading and saving of comments in all file formats that are supported correct?

You’re correct!


I was curious as to how the development with Comments was coming along. We are anxiously waiting. Please feel free to email me @



Dear Blake,

We propose to introduce a new class Comment like this:

public class Comment
public string Note;
public Font Font;


Based on current schedule, you will get Comments feature before 20 May. Is it Ok for you? Please let me know if it is too late.

Aslo please let me know if you have specific requirements for Comments.

To gurantee your own develivey time, please make sure you have done all other things related to Aspose.Excel except Comments.


If you could please update me on the progress of this item. May 20th is Tuesday, and we really need to implement this as soon as possible.


Blake Hollingsworth

Dear Blake,

We’re working on it and hopefully deliver a hot fix to you around Tuesday.

Please wait for it. You can get it!

In case it’s late for 1 or 2 days, is it too bad?


Just let us know as soon as it’s ready… We have planned to implement on the 20th, and we can’t wait too much longer, or else it would be very bad for us.


Blake Hollingsworth

Dear Blake,

Good news!

Please download the latest fix to replace the installed Aspose.Excel.dll.

Aslo as we introduce classes Comment and Comments, please consult the Aspose.Excel.htm included in the zip for the latest API Reference.

This is the example:

[Visual Basic]
Dim comments As Comments = excel.Worksheets.GetAt(0).Comments
Dim index As Integer = comments.Add(2,2)
Dim comment As Comment = comments.GetAt(index)
comment.Note = “hello” 'Set comment content
comment.Font.Name = “Times New Roman” 'Change Font if needed

Comments comments = excel.Worksheets.GetAt(0).Comments;
int index = comments.Add(2, 2);
Comment comment = comments.GetAt(index);
comment.Note = “hello”; //Set comment content
comment.Font.Name = “Times New Roman”; //Change Font if needed

Important: It won’t work if you comment a certain cell in the designer spreadsheet then you try to change the comment of the same cell using API. If you try to do this, Microsoft Excel will warn you with a message and the comment can’t be changed.

Wokaround: Comment a cell either via Designer spreadsheet or via API. Never both. Please let me know if it can meet your current needs?

Solution: It really takes time to completely fix this problem so we try to deliver this hot fix to you. Later you won’t be bugged by that: You can either comment a cell either via Designer spreadsheet or via API or both.