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Excel.copy and RAM used grows and not released

this post follow another post wrote sometimes ago from a colleague of mine.
We work on an application that saves generated excel files in several different location.
You wrote that after excel.Save, excel object is cleared (I don’t understand why it work in this way, i think you should specify it in manual).
So, i use a simple Sub

Public Sub Save(ByVal Path As String)
Dim excel As New excel
excel =Nothing
, to preserve original object for multiple save.
And now the problem:
My test application is about 230MB (ram used) after generation of OriginalExcel (dataset:50Mb, excel generated 4 sheets with 35000 rows in total, 25 columns). I can’t say size of OriginalExcel object, but not more than 230Mb in any case
while executing excel.copy, RAM grows to 820Mb !!
and more, after the save (excel file is 22Mb ), application remain 820, even if i have use “OriginalExcel = Nothing” at the end

No dispose() is avaliable, data remains in Gen2 heap size, and GC doesn’t free them (in a couple of hours, i think it’s enough)
if i save OriginalExcel directly, RAM used remains 230, not freed

so now I can’t save more than 1 time anyway…

Can you help me?

Thanks for considering Aspose.

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Dear Roberto,

1. Please run your application on release mode and check the memory.

2. Please dispose the dataset.

3. Please repeatedly run your Save method and see what happens.

4. Is it possible to post your test application here? That will help us to figure out root of this issue. Thank you very much.

By the way, what’s the version of your CLR, v1.0, v1.1 or v2.0?