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Excel document filling


We’re evaluating Aspose.Cells and Aspose.Words components to see if they can replace our currently used components.

We’ve faced a few problems with Aspose.Cells, maybe someone could help us:

Each cell that need’s to be filled with data is a named range.

When i need to insert a list of data it either overwrites other cells either inserts as much rows as needed to fit the list.

But is Aspose Cells capable of inserting not whole rows but cells below range cell.

I’ve tried overcomming this problem:

-cut all data cells below range cell

-paste those cells lower by length of list containing data

-fill the list in noadd mode ( all data cells are now below list length )

The problem is that if there are other named ranges below they are not moved and I can’t find a way to move them.

Any ideas about how it can be done will be very appreciated

Could you post your sample code for your issue?

Actually Aspose.Cells supports to insert whole rows. You can use Cells.InsertRow or Cells.InsertRows method to insert them.

I’ve attached an excel file as an example what i’m trying to achieve.

Cells [tableName].[Column1Name] and [tableName].[Column2Name] are named ranges.

I’ve tried to create smart markers in these cells and the result i’ve
got i’ve pasted to the example file. However that is not what i’ve want
to get. How to make Aspose.Cells insert a single Cell into worksheet
and shift all other cells down or right ( in Ms Excel it would be
Insert/Cells…/Shift Cells Down or Shift Cells Right )

I will add a new InsertRange method in Cells class to serve your need. It will be available within about one week.


any progress on the feature? We could possibly use this as well.

Please keep me posted



Hi Kai,

InsertRange method is available. Please download and try v3.8 at