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Excel File getting corrupted with aspose-cells-


We are using aspose-cells- for writing data to excel file.
The excel file is getting corrupted immediately after writing one cell to it using aspose java .

Below is the sample program with which you can reproduce the issue.

License license = new License();
		Workbook wb=new Workbook("G:/kemira/saved/Audit_Trail_Report.xlsx");
		Cells cells = null;
			cells =wb.getWorksheets().get("sheet1").getCells();

		cells.get(0, 1).putValue("A");
		cells.get(0, 2).putValue("B");
		cells.get(0, 3).putValue("C");

		cells.get(1, 1).putValue("3");
		cells.get(1, 2).putValue("5");
		cells.get(1, 3).putValue("7");
		wb.save("G:/kemira/saved/Audit_Trail_Report.xlsx", SaveFormat.XLSX);<a class="attachment" href="/uploads/default/15031">Audit_Trail_Report.zip</a> (75.3 KB)

Attached the base excel file I am using in this program.
Can you please let us know why this is happening.


Thanks for the sample code.

I am afraid, we cannot evaluate your issue using older version that you are using. We can only recommend you to kindly give it a try to latest version/fix: Aspose.Cells for Java v18.5.x:

If you still find the issue with v18.5.x, kindly attach your template file “Audit_Trail_Report.xlsx” again (as the template file was lost while migrating to Aspose.Cells forums) , we will check it soon.