Excel output problems


The Aspose ‘Excel’ output of our web application is corrupted (appears incorrectly) when it is accessed externally. The same thing works out neatly when accessed in the local network.

What could be the problem ?


Could you please upload the file when accessed externally and the file when accessed locally? I will check the difference.

The causes may be:

1. You file is too large and is corrupted when it is accessed externally.
2. Your external users may installed firewall to avoid binary data transfer.

  1. Thanks. Will soon upload the intranet output which is fine, and the internet output which is garbled.

    2) Some users complain that even when the firewall is turned off, the Excel output fails to appear at all.Are there any client side requirements for an ASP.NET application using Aspose.Excel ? Should the client have .NET framework ? Should IE be 5.x or higher ? Should there be any settings made to IE for it to work ?

    Any inputs welcome, since we wish to make a purchase based on usability .


In client side, .NET Framework is not needed. IE 5.x or higher is desired.

When you use OpenInBrowser or OpenInExcel option, Aspose.Excel directly write binary data to client. So if the client IE doesn’t allow to download binary data, this sending may fail.

We use the following code to send generated file to client:

response.ContentType = “application/vnd.ms-excel”;
if(saveType == SaveType.OpenInExcel)
response.AddHeader( “content-disposition”,“attachment; filename=” + resultSpreadsheet);
response.AddHeader( “content-disposition”,“inline; filename=” + resultSpreadsheet);

//buffer is a byte array which contains binary data of an Excel file

So you can try to load an Excel file with file I/O class and use the above code to send file to client. In you test case, you can debug this issue without Aspose.Excel.

If you cannot figure it out, you can also save the result file on your server and provide a link to your users.