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Excel Save to PDF

I have an Excel spreadsheet created using the Aspose.Excel component. When I open the spreadsheet in Excel, it looks fabulous. However, when I then convert it to PDF using Aspose.PDF, it sets all the cells with formulas SUBTOTAL() and a complicated IF statement to zero.
(If I look at the XML that is generated when saving to PDF, these cells are all zero, so I’m thinking the problem lies there…)

Here are example formulas:

=SUBTOTAL(9,D113Big Smile117)

Is there a bug in this? The documentation says SUBTOTAL and IF are supported, so I would take that to assume they are supported everywhere - in the Excel and when saving to XML for converting to PDF.
I am also calling CalculateFormula() before saving.
If you could help me, I’d really appreciate it!

Theresa Smallwood

Ok, I finally got my application to work correctly, but I had to save the excel file, open it with MS Excel, calculate, then save it again. Then the PDF and XML had the values for the formulas there.

I was looking at the documentation for CalculateFormula, and noticed that SUBTOTAL and wasn’t on the list, although IF was, but I guess my formula was too complex for it.

Theresa Smallwood