Excel To PDF bugs


Am just evaluating the Excel To PDF functionality and came across the following bugs:

1) A string in a cell containing superscript loses the superscript attribute. e.g. Note1 becomes Note1.

2) Strings that are centred across multiple cells are centred across one less cell in the PDF. For example a title is centred across 3 columns in the excel sheet, in the PDF is is centred across only the first 2 columns.

3) A pound sign (£) is converted to a hash symbol (#)

4) Text centred across several columns that also goes across a page border gets truncated in the PDF. The part that should appear on the second printed page is missing.

5) Text centred vertically across more than one row is only in first row in PDF and second row is blank.

Aside from these small issues (the £ is quite important) I was very impressed with the results and will be further evaluating it.



Hi Chris,

Could you please post your file here? That will help us find and solve these problem ASAP. Your posted file can be only viewed by you and Aspose developers.

Thank you very much.


About 1, rich text in a cell is not supported in xls2pdf. We will add it in the future release.

About 2,3,4, we didn't find this problem. Do you use the latest version of Aspose.Excel and Aspose.Pdf? Your file will help us to investigate this issue.

About 5, Aspose.Pdf doesn't support this feature yet. Pdf team is implementing it.


Here is the file I was using to test. With the formatting as is, it should produce a 2 page PDF with the listed bugs.

Thanks for you help with this.


p.s. When you say the next version will support point 1, what sort of time scale are we talking, the next couple of months or more?


Please download and try v3.2.3 at http://www.aspose.com/Downloads/Aspose.Excel/Default.aspx. The pound sign (£) issue is fixed.

About rich text conversion, we will add it in the future release. It will be available before the end of August.