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Excel to PDF Images

Can your components include images when converting Excel files to PDF? If not, is there an easy way to add them back (either into the XML or the PDF) after conversion is complete?

I am converting existing Excel files into PDFs, and the Excel files have an image on them. I noticed that there is a "Pictures" object on the Excel object, and I was hoping I could use that somehow to stick the image back into the XML before converting.

Otherwise, I was thinking I'll have to make sure I have the original picture that was put into the Excel file and stick in there somehow with that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I am using
Aspose.Excel.dll file version, product version 2005.05.11
Aspose.PDF.dll file version, product version 2005.05.20


Theresa Smallwood


Thank you for considering Aspose.

Aspose.Excel does not support image convertion in Excel2Pdf. You have to add the image into the xml generated by Aspose.Excel by yourself.

Ok, that’s what I figured you were going to say, but I figured I could at least ask. Smile

Do you have an example of what an image should look like in the XML? (Including attributes like positioning, size, etc.)
Can I somehow use the image in the Pictures collection on the Excel object to do that, or do I have to use the source image file?

By the way, are you planning on adding the image conversion in a future version of the converter?


Theresa Smallwood

Dear Theresa,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Please refer to Image about how to use image in Aspose.Pdf. In Aspose.Pdf, image can be file or memorystream but I am not familiar with the pictures collection on the Excel object. I guess you should output that picture into stream and then add it into Pdf.
The image convertion should be supported by Aspose.Excel. You can ask Laurence about this issue.