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Excel- Word and Pdf Integration

Your products look brilliant.

I am interested in the integration of aspose word excel and pdf. We need to be able to dynamically alter word and excel but produce pdf output.

When will this functionality be available? I need an approximate date(month).



Hi Ken,

Thanks for your interest.

The feature of producing Pdf files is very important to us and we think how to bring it forward and deliver asap.

I cannot give your firm estimate right now, but how’s end of March 2003 sound? This is for Aspose.Word only. I cannot influence Aspose.Excel development but they are also trying to fit this feature in soon.

Dear Ken,

What you request actually is a new product, code named as Aspose.Report at Aspose.

We’re planning to make it so shortly the Developer of Aspose.Report will post the availability time of the first public intial release.

So now feel free to post more feature requests.


Hi Roman,

Aspose word doesn’t seem to support several features of word such as headers and footers or tables.

I understand aspose report will repair this. I need an indication of release date.


Hi Ken,

Tables will be supported in v1.1 which is released tomorrow, 20th January.

Headers and Footers and many other Word document features will be supported in v1.2 which is scheduled for end of February.

Aspose.Report will be an integration of Aspose.Word and Aspose.Pdf and is likely to be ready end of March.

Please have a look here for more details

Hi Ken,

Aspose.Word 1.2 which supports headers and footers and other exciting features is out: .

We are starting to work on being able to product Pdf files from Aspose.Word. ETA is end of March.