executeTemplate does not respect cleanup=UnusedFields

I have a Word document which contains moustache-fields e.g. {{DateCreated}} that are not included in the XML data I’m providing to executeTemplate. I’m also specifying the cleanup=UnusedFields parameter as documented on

However when I make the call, the fields in the Word document that did not have matching data sources in the XML file still remain and are not cleaned up.

I’ve tried other options, like “cleanup=UnusedFields,UnusedRegions,ContainingFields,EmptyParagraphs” but it had no effect.

This is the line from my System.Net.Tracing logfile for my HttpWebRequests:

System.Net Information: 0 : [2444] HttpWebRequest#31209679 - Request: POST /v1.1/words/Case%20-%20All%20Fields.docx/executeTemplate?cleanup=ContainingFields%2cEmptyParagraphs%2cUnusedFields%2cUnusedRegions&appSID=fcc74661-3ddc-4fcf-8377-9f2f6bfbdcd8&signature=bivnZY1EETtTokekp8ixRrPBtkQ HTTP/1.1

Hi David,

Thanks for your inquiry. Could please attach the sample Word template and xml file here in this thread? We will take a closer look and guide you accordingly.