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Export cells to CSV loses format


This thread is related to the “Export formatted date to CSV”, but I opened a new thread were all related formatting issues (not only date formatting) could be discussed.

When I export a Excel document with a cell formatted with the type “Social Security Number” then the output differs from Excel. Please could you have a look at the attachted Excel and CSV files? As you can see the formatting is lost and the value is treated as the original number in the output.

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That is better to open new thread for different type of issue.

Thank you for bringing this to our knowledge. I can see the “Social Security Number” format is lost when saved to CSV [my test output is attached]. I have logged this issue to our Development Team to look into this matter. The Ticket ID for your reference is CELLSJAVA-28240. We will keep you posted on this.


Currently we do not support such kind of format. We need more time to look into it and check whether we can support it.