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Export charts as bitmap images (bmp- gif- jpeg)

Hello folks, I’m new here. I’m evaluating some Excel driving components but none of them are able to export from within an existing XLS file a chart as bitmap image (bmp, gif, jpeg doesn’t matter), to disk or better into a drawing.image object.

Is this possible with aspose.cells? And how?

Thanks in advance,

Aspose.Cells doesn’t support this feature now but we are making it. Hopefully it will be available before the end of this month.

Wonderful news from you, Laurence.
Tell me, “hopefully” is for “this month” or “it will be available”? 'Cause if it’s at the end of this month but at the beginning of next one, it’s all right for me. But if you are still uncertain if this feature is feasible… :wink:

Thanks again,

Chart2image is a very complex feature. We have worked it for a long time. In our dev plan, we will release a version in the end of this month which support this feature. However, since it's complex, in the first release only following part will be supported:

1. Only Column, Bar, Line and Pie charts will be supported.

2. In above charts, only 2D charts will be supported.

We will continue to make this feature to support more and more chart types.

Thanks Laurence for you fast reply.
Let me ask you, why this feature is so complex? I undestood this, and probably that’s why no-one seems to support this kind of feature. But I still can’t undestand why. I know, saying that in Excel you can simply right-click and save as a chart is not a good thing. As far as I can imagine, at that stage Excel had already done the dirty job (of “intepreting” data and plotting the chart), but this isn’t really “saved” inside the XLS, so your (and others) component must redo all those things Excel do, but without wasting tons of resources like it do ;).

You may not reply, this is kinda personal curiosity, I aready had my answers in your last posts :).


Another question, I had a different idea: what about printing out a PDF file of a certain chart sheet? Is it possible with your programs suite?

Thanks again,

MS Excel saves chart in its own format which is totally different with image files. So we have to do a lot of work to convert them.

After we complete this feature, we will also support to convert chart to pdf file.


Aspose.Cells has enhanced the feature. Over the years, we have made the feature more robust and efficient with lots of enhancements, so you may also directly save an Excel chart to PDF file format using only Aspose.Cells APIs. The charts and other drawing objects would be retained as they are in the Excel file when rendering the Excel workbook to PDF file format. Aspose.Cells’ Chart to image and Chart to PDF features produce results with high fidelity and accuracy.

For more information on converting Excel files to PDF, Sheet to image, rendering chart to image and chart to PDF features, please follow the document links below:
Convert Excel Workbook to PDF
Chart Rendering
Converting Worksheet to Image using ImageOrPrint Options

Please download the latest version of Aspose.Cells for .NET from the following link:
Aspose.Cells for .NET (Latest Version)

You can also download the latest demos here for your complete reference.