ExportDataTableAsString Date Fields converted to SerialDate


When we read data of a spreadsheet using ExportDataTableAsString, the DateFields are converted to SerialDate’s.This is a BUG as in the excel i am entering a Date, there is no reason that the ExportDataTableAsString function should convert this to Integer.

Is there any way to fix this issue ASAP?


Please send me your spreadsheet so I can see what format of date you want to export. I will fix it ASAP.


Emailed the spreadsheet to excel@nospam.aspose.com.

Thanks a lot.


I fixed it in the latest hotfix. Please download it and have a try.


Downloaded the hotfix, still the same issue.
Date Fields converted to SerialDate from ExportDataTableAsString.
In the Cell, the Type is IsDateTime, however the export still does not give the date but returns the string value.

BoolValue: <error: an exception of type: {System.Exception} occurred>
CellValue: Nothing
Column: 4
DateTimeValue: #12/31/2003#
DoubleValue: 37986.0
FloatValue: 37986.0
Formula: Nothing
IntValue: 37986
Name: “E2”
Row: 1
StringValue: “37986”
Style: {Aspose.Excel.Style}
Type: IsDateTime


ExportDataTableAsString method returns all cells as string. If you want to convert it to DateTime, Please try Cells.ExportDataTable method.

Even this cell returns the string value, it should returns a string of something like “2003-12-13”. In the sample file you sent me before, it works fine. Do you set any custom number format in your spreadsheet? Could you send me your working file with DateTime value? Could you post the number format string of those datetime cell here? Thanks.

And the latest hotfix is v2.1.2.3. Please make sure of it.

Or you have a live meeting with me at http://www.aspose.com/Corporate/Teams/Nanjing/Contactus.html.


Downloaded the v2.1.2.3 hotfix and the problem is fixed.
Thanks a lot for addressing this issue.

Thanks again to all your efforts to get this issue resolved ASAP.