Exporting HTML to PDF


I am looking for a way to sort of redirect the Page.Response content to a pdf generator component that would create a pdf file on the fly! I wonder if there is such a thing in the .net world. I see a java based product that may do this (from CORDA).

This is really my problem: My asp.net page creates a complex report using web controls and I would like to be able to overcome browser printing issues by converting the resulting html to pdf on the fly. I would like to avoid recreating these reports/pages using a 3rd party pdf component’s object model.



Dear John,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

HTML2PDF is supported in Aspose.Pdf. Please refer to BindHTML. But ASPX is not supported in the current version. HTML2PDF is still under developing and CSS is not supported. We will improve this feature in the future release.