Exporting in word with SSRS2008

I create report and export it to word document. However in the process of exporting in word with SSRS2008, I am loosing some caracteristics of the reports.
In the report I specify the language (french in my case), but when I open it in word, it is always US-english (dictionnary).
So all the text is underline in red…
With your product, will I have this problem ? In word document or in rtf ?

Hi there,
Thanks for your inquiry. Could you please attach your .RDL report here for testing and the developer responsible for SSRS will assist you shortly.

To see the problem, you only have to create a report with one text box. Set the report and the text box to a specific language like french (in Properties / Localization / Language).
Export it in word with SSRS2008 and you will see that the word document is always in US-English.
This is not a word problem, it SSRS2008 that does not use the language properties when exporting in word. I want to know if I can solve this problem using your product (in word or rtf document).
I attached a exemple of a report. Thanks.


Thank you for additional information. I logged your request into our defect database. The developer who is responsible for Aspose.Words for SSRS will answer you shortly.
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Any news on that ?


I asked the developer, which is responsible for Aspose.Words for SSRS, to take a look at your issue shortly.
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Any news on that ? Been two weeks…