Exporting to DataGrid



I’m using an older version of Aspose.Excel ( - Is there a fee for me to upgrade to the 3.x.x release?

I have a question about the ExportDataTableAsString method. Is there a way to know at runtime how many rows to import? In my application a user could import a spreadsheet with only a few rows or several hundred and I only want to import cells that actually contain data.

I suppose I could add a check to see when I get to a row that is empty but that would slow things down quite a bit during the import process.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.



Hi Zack,

Please send email to sales@aspose.com for upgrade information.

You can try to use Cells.MaxRow property for your purpose.


Hi Laurence,

I've sent an email to sales and will await their reply. After posting my question last night I did discover the Cells.MaxRow property and have things working like I want.

Thanks for the prompt reply!