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Extra carriage returns inserted into document

I have a template document that contains hard-coded text within a few tables as well as MergeFields (but not in the table cells). The text within the table cells are single-spaced. However, once the MergeFields are replaced with data and sent to the printer, the cells that contain the hard-coded text appear to have an extra line below them.
My question is whether the addition of the carriage returns is intended functionality with Aspose.Words, and if so, is it possible to suppress the extra line from being returned using the API?
For comparison, the .docx attachment contains the template document. Pages 4 & 5 of the .pdf attachment contain a scan of the physical print-out.
Let me know if any additional details are needed.
Thank you,
Brandon Yarborough - On Behalf of Bob Kells

Hi Brandon,
Thanks for your inquiry.
I’m afraid I can’t reproduce the issue on my side when printing the document using Aspose.Words.
From the looks of your output document you maybe joining the template document onto other documents before printing? This could be the cause of the issue. If this is the case, could you please attach these other templates documents along with the code used to join them?
Otherwise, please try exporting the template to DOCX and PDF format on your side as a test. Does this issue still occur in these documents?

Hi Adam,
The other pages in the PDF file do come from other template documents. However, each document is sent to the printer as a separate request. The physical print-outs were scanned and put together in a single PDF file before it was sent to me; there is no joining of multiple document templates before it goes to the printer. I apologize for the confusion.
We are looking into other possible causes for the extra spacing (such as print drivers), but I wanted to see if the issue was reproducible on your end. Thank you for testing this.

Brandon Yarborough - On Behalf of Bob Kells

Hi Brandon,
Thank you for additional information. Please let us know when you find the reason of the problem.
Feel free to ask if you need more assistance from our side. We are always glad to help you.
Best regards,