Extra formatting like shadow, reflection etc are missed


Dear Team,

I need a quick info before the commercial approval could be made.

We are going to use ASPOSE API for Words and ASPOSE API for PPT to convert Word and PPT documents to PDF. While testing this we found some extra formatting like shadow, reflection etc are missed. Is it possible to get a documentation on what all advanced formatting ASPOSE API doesn’t support. Will help us make a quick decision.
Please find the original and the converted PDF 3-Using ASPOSE.pdf (1.6 MB)
document. There are some small formatting effects (like Reflection) that doesn’t come in the converted document.

Is there like a documentation on what all formatting is not supported by ASPOSE?

M.IrfanOriginal.pdf (1.1 MB)



Thank you for details. We have observe the difference between Original.pdf and 3-Using ASPOSE.pdf. Please share the source MS Word and PPT documents with us. This will help us to reproduce the issue at our end.


pls find attached the code…Aspose-PPT.zip (1.5 MB)
Aspose-Word.zip (2.9 MB)
Has there been any update on the above solution…?



Thank you for sharing samples with us. We will look into it and update you about our findings.



We are unable to download the Word & PPT zip files. It seems that the files have been removed. Please share the samples again to proceed further.