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Extra parameter for Cells.getRowIterator

Would you be able to add starting row to the getRowIterator? When importing data from preformatted spreadsheets I need to skip the first n rows. Those skipped rows may or may not have header information. The problem is that the rowIterator will not return rows that are empty, so I can't just skip x number of rows because I don't know if the headers were populated or not.

Could you add Cells.getRowIterator( rowIndex ) ?


Please try this fix.

I didn't see the new method. Is it Cells.getRowIterator( int rowIndex )?


Yes. It is Cells.getRowIterator( int startRowIndex). We have rechecked the fix and there is getRowIterator( int startRowIndex) method in the class Cells.

Yep, it's there. I must have been blind on Friday... I am now getting another problem when using the new version of the getRowIterator().

When I use it the old way (with no arguments) it works. The iterator seems to skip over blank rows -- but not all of them. See problem 2 in the attacment. This was the main reason why I asked for the startRow to be added.

When I use it the new way (with a startRowIndex param) I get a NullException when trying to process the first row. See Problem 1.

I've attached a sample source Excel file and the test code I used.