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Extract all formatted content from a word document which has track changes using Java | Get number of revisions

Hi Team,
Thanks for the update. I tried placing the above code snippet before iterattiong through revisions and comments.
Now what I have observed is that, the page number count which was jumping to some multiples, had reduced, however, still the page number shown are incorrect.

It shows some page number as (actual pagenumber+(5-10)), which is again a problem.

And regarding Track changes, where I need extract the type of formatting done on a phrase or text.
Please assist on this too.


Are you again observing these new problems with “JavaIntro-CommentsAndTC.docx”? If not, then please share the new document here for further testing. Please also share your existing source code that helps us to reproduce the exact problem on our end.


Regarding WORDSNET-18982, please note that MS Word displays revision groups rather than individual revisions. Please use Document.Revisions.Groups to get number of revisions. Additionally MS Word displays comments as revisions in Revision Pane. To get count of comments in document, you might use document.getChildNodes(NodeType.COMMENT, true).getCount(). Hope, this helps.

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