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Extract message from a folder of a ost file


we are still waiting…



We request for your patience as we have reopened the issue and it is going to take some time to further investigate and resolve the issue based on shared information. We will share updates with you as soon as they will be available.


We are still waiting sir.



I like to inform that this issue is going to resolved tentatively in Aspose.Email 19.4. I request for your patience until issue get resolved.



Thanks for your patience.

We analyzed your issue and found that it isn’t related with Aspose.Email. The bug cause is a too large list of MapiMessages (listMapimessage) in your code example.
Such list can take up too much memory with a large number of messages. Moreover, you create an attachment list (listMapiattachment), which may causes memory issues.

So please note the following:

  • We don’t recommend the FolderInfo.GetContents method for large number of messages, use FolderInfo.EnumerateMessages method instead.
  • Use List<byte[]> listMapimessage list (which stores entryId) instead of List listMapimessage. Extract the MapiMessage only when necessary.
  • Avoid extract the attachments separately as MapiMessage already contains an attachment list.
  • MessageInfo already contains the basic properties, there is no need to extract MapiMessage when fill the rows.

We changed your sample code according to above guidelines, please see the attached file. (14.1 KB)

The following methods were updated there: loadMessage(), loadContact(), loadCalendar(), displayMessage(), displayContact(), displayCalendar().


thank you sir…