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Extract shape as WMF/EMF?

This is VERY important for my project. I need to be able to extract any shape to a WMF/EMF, regardles of what the shape type is (Shape, GroupShape, AutoShape, Line, Polyline, etc). I suppose it doesn’t NEED to be a WMF, but some sort of graphics file (JPEG, GIF). Vector is preferred though. Is this possible?

Dear Michael,

Slide.GetThumbnail can show all shapes except AutoShape.
PPT file doesn’t contain any information how to draw autoshapes (points, curves) just a size and shape type. As you can see in reference api it’s a 138 different shapes.
Now we are working to make possible draw such shapes on thumbnail.

Thumbnails come out tiny, and if I try to specify a size, I get an Out of Memory error…

In Powerpoint, you can click File, then Save As…and you can save as WMF, all slides to seperate files…please tell me you can add this into your software. I am nearing a deadline, and still have no solution to my problem…

Dear Michael,

About Out of Memory error for large thumbnails.
Did you try to call GC.Collect() after each GetThumbnail?
In my tests it uses about 30Mb of memory for 100% size thumbnails.

All you must do is create the 138 autoshapes in wmf and then use them as needed. Although tedious, that is what will be required for a converter to wmf.