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Extract the guid and name of a named mapi property using its tag in MapiMessage (Java)

A more serious problem exists with Tasks which has outlook message items as attachments.
Most of the embedded attachments were missed out when copying the message in the same method.
Refer the source code here.

I have tried opening the attached PST file on my end and there is no issue when opening in Outlook 2016 and I am able to load PST and open the message.

For this issue, you have already reported similar issue in other thread as well and an issue with ID EMAILJAVA-34550 has been added to resolve the issue of missing embedded attachment for MapiTask.

The attached pst file is the one directly exported from Outlook. Execute the code in the attached file. A new pst file (new.pst) will be generated using aspose. The issue exists with this file. And DO NOT JUST OPEN THE PST FILE. You need to IMPORT the pst into a mailbox using outlook client to observe the issue.


I am sorry for your inconvenience. I have tried opening the shared by importing in Outlook 2016 and was able to observe the message in MS Outlook. However, now I shall try loading the PST file and exporting that Outlook using Client. I will share updates with you as soon as possible.


I have tried to use the sample code shared by you on my end. Unfortunately, I am unable to use that owing to use of some custom JSON method and also following line in your code is throwing error too. Can you please provide a working sample code with all dependencies resolved so that we may try that on our end to reproduce the issue.

namedPropLong.put(namedProperty.getGuid(), new HashMap<>());