Extracting data into XML from filled pdf template in an iframe of a website

hjskirl> How can I show a filled pdf template in an iframe of a website an read out the users changes to an xml-file?
hjskirl> Contains our virtual world an example?
codewarior> Ok sir would you please tell us, how did you created the template…
codewarior> is it through Aspose.Pdf.Kit Form class or throgh any other industry tool
hjskirl> through aspose.pdf.kit
codewarior> Now what you want is …to add that template to iFrame of a webpage…
hjskirl> and after the user filled the fields he clicks a save button and then I wont his new values read out to an xml-file to save they
codewarior> right
hjskirl> Thank you, I think this take some time. Please send me an email: hjskirl@arcor.de. Thanks again.
codewarior> I would be pleased to update you over this issue.
codewarior> Thanks for Considering Aspose.
hjskirl> Ok.


Sorry for replying to you late.

I am not quite sure about your requirement. I think you want to display a PDF template in a iframe and save the customer's data into a xml when "save" button is clicked. The save button is on the web page but not on the PDF, right? If so you can trigger the Form.ExportXml() in the Save button and your requirement is supported.

Hi, thank you for replay

Unfortunally is the problem not the Form.ExportXml(), the problem is to get the users changes.
Below I try to describe the task I want to solve:

Displaying a filled PDF document in an Web form so I can read out the user changes into an xml document after the user clicked a finish button.

Document presentation via Response.Write("xxx.pdf") opens a new window with the document, shows it insite Acrobat Reader and then the user can change the values of the fields, but I can not see a way to read the fields back.

Using the Form class I can load a PDF document, fill the fields and save the Form instance into a session variable. Then it is possible via a button click event to use the session variable for changing fields and save the new PDF document. This works fine, but is programmatically and outsite user activities.

Is there an Aspose.Pdf.Kit class which allows to save an instance into a session variable, then shows the PDF document in a webpage and holds or collects the user changes and let export the new values via the session variable? Another way is also ok.

This all because I mean the user should see the document and not an input formular with labels and text fields.

In the hope, a solution is available

best regards

H.-Jörg Skirl

Dear Skirl,

Thanks for considering Aspose.Pdf.Kit.

What you needed is to collect user interactive data filling in a PDF template opened in Web browser, right? I am not sure where the data is expected to be saved, at the client side which hosted Web browser or at server side which provided the template?

If these data are wanted by the Sever side, you can just add a Submit button by FormEditor.AddSubmitBtn(). The URL can be a HTTP link or a mail address, e.g.:
After clicking the button, user input data can be transferred to the specified URL or the mailbox and then be handled by the server. But now only a FDF format, other than XML, of form data is supported.

Otherwise, if data are expected to be stored in the Client side, currently no Kit function is provided directly. You need save the new document into a local file or stream, then extract data by Form.ExportXml( ).

Hope this would help.

Best regards.