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Extraction of data from .eml files

Do you have a product within Aspose.Email that can make an API call to identify and store metadata (eg sender/recipients name, sender/recipients email add, email title, email body, attachments)? The input will be .eml email files. The desired output is a data set (xml, json preferred). If the answer is yes, which product(s) should I look at?


Aspose.Email for .NET can help you in extracting all the information that you have just mentioned. Please visit this documentation section link for your convenience in this regard.

Thanks for the reply. I have a few more clarifications.

  1. Is Aspose.Email for Java and Aspose.Email for C++ able to perform the abovementioned functions as well?
  2. We need the email parsing to be contained locally due to data security issues. Does all Aspose.Email products fit this criteria?


Aspose.Email for Java and Aspose.Email for C++ also support requested operations. Please visit the shared links for your kind refence.