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Failed to generate html for vsd


After upgrading Aspose Diagram Java from 17 to 19.11 we discovered that a vsd document could not be saved to HTML. The attached file can be used for reproduction. The output is almost completely empty, as can be seen in the attached screenshot.
The latest 17 update, version 17.12, successfully generates html. See the other screenshot. vsd to html ok 17.12.PNG (55.1 KB)
vsd to html fail 19.11 .PNG (5.1 KB)
Create Varieties Level A-2.zip (120.3 KB)

A solution to this problem is highly appreciated.
Kind regards,
Herm Flink


Would you kindly make sure that you are using valid license before using 19.11 version of the API. We have tested the scenario in our environment and were unable to notice any issue. For your kind reference, a screenshot of output HTML is also attached.

output19.11.png (32.7 KB)

We are using license with Expiry date 20200613. Could there be anything wrong with that? Furthermore, could you elaborate on the code you used to successfully generate the html? Is there any difference in handling vsd compared to vsdx?


Your license seems fine as it states that it will expire in June 2020. Furthermore, please check following code snippet that we used to test the scenario:

com.aspose.diagram.Diagram diagram = new com.aspose.diagram.Diagram(dataDir + "Create Varieties Level A-2.vsd");
diagram.save(dataDir + "ExportToHTML_Out.html", com.aspose.diagram.SaveFileFormat.HTML);

Thanks for sharing. Found the problem in post-processing of the generated html. You may close this ticket.

Well, after looking more carefully, the problem still seems to be there, not in the post-processing as i stated before, but the problem is browser related: in IE the output renders fine, but in Chrome the output is corrupt. See new screenshot of both browsers showing the same generated htmlvisio html Chrome and IE.PNG (126.3 KB)
I have attached the generated html:
main.zip (13.4 KB)

Please have look what could be the cause of this issue. Kind regards,


Please share complete HTML that was produced at your side along with the output files folder where images and images and HTML files are supposed to be exported.

Attached is the complete generated HTML. There are no output folders, everything is self-contained in this file.
The code used to generate this html:
Diagram diagram = new Diagram(inputStream);

			SVGSaveOptions options = new SVGSaveOptions();
			// Summary:
			//   value or the font is not installed locally, they may appear as a block,
			//   set the DefaultFont such as MingLiu or MS Gothic to show these characters.
			options.setDefaultFont("MS Gothic");
			// sets the 0-based index of the first page to render. Default is 0.

			// set page size
			PageSize pgSize = new PageSize(PaperSizeFormat.A_4);

			String mainHtmlFileName = tmpDir.getCanonicalPath() + "\\main.html"; 
			diagram.save(mainHtmlFileName, options);

main.zip (13.7 KB)


We have logged an issue as DIAGRAMJAVA-50678 in our issue tracking system. We will further investigate and let you know as soon as the ticket is resolved. Please be patient and spare us little time.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.