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Failure in setting up Android Studio project with aspose.word android

Hi, I’m using aspose.words, but I cannot pass the build process in Android Studio, i have copy the Aspose.wrods.1.12.jdk15.jar into “libs” folder and copy the jdk15.apk into “assets” folder. and my application class has extended the AsposeWordsApplication.
I ended up with “Error:(364, 28) cannot access asposewobfuscated.zzF4 class file for asposewobfuscated.zzF4 not found”

Same exception. When I tried to create new document with DocumentBuilder, everything goes on well. But when I create Document with filepath and do a simple doc.save() function, this exception occurs.

#Working Normally
Document doc = new Document();

// Use the document builder to insert text and other elements into the document.
DocumentBuilder builder = new DocumentBuilder(doc);
builder.writeln("Hello World!");

// Save the document as different formats to the memory card.
doc.save(dataDir + "Document Out.pdf");


Document doc = new Document(filepath);
doc.save(dataDir + "Document Out.pdf");


Project attchment


Thanks for your inquiry. Please spare us some time for the investigation of these issues. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Thanks for being patient. I have attached a sample project here with this post. To include Aspose.Words for Android into the project you should place “aspose-words-1.12-android-jdk16.jar” in the folder “libs” of your project, and the archive “aspose-words-1.12-libs-android-jdk16.apk” into the folder “assets”. I hope, this helps you in identifying the problems on your ends.

Best regards,

Hello, did you ever resolve this? I am having this issue now. I already put the .jar and .apk files the way they described in their response to you but it still does not work.

I would really appreciate the help.

Hi Elias,

Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately, your issue isn’t clear enough therefore we request you to please attach a sample eclipse project you’re getting this problem with here for testing. This will help us to understand your problem, and we will be in a better position to address your concerns accordingly.

Best regards,

i was having the same problem. NOW its RESOLVED.
please refer to this thread.
Blocker "cannot access zzF4 class file for asposewobfuscated.zzF4 not found" issue

Please send Detail answer with apk and jar zip files…
Thank You.

Hi Gundu,

Thanks for your inquiry. There is another useful thread from where you can get details. I have also attached ‘classes-dex2jar.jar’ here for your reference. Hope, this helps.

Best regards,