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Fat Presentations

In working with many presentations I noticed that some seem larger than necessary.

In the attached example, I can delete all the slides and the design template and still have a file that is approx. 2MB in size. I have read that fast save in the Power Point app adds data every time the presentation is opened. I am splitting the deck in to individual .ppts and thus every file is bloated with the base decks overhead.

Our goal is to be able to find the “rogue” data and delete it fomr the presentation. Can you intereogate the file and tell me what is going on?

Is there anything that Aspose can do to remove this extra data?

Dear plunk,

I have forwarded your query and you will be answered as soon as possible.

I think the most simple is turn off “fast save” option in the PowerPoint.

Yes, you can also use Aspose.Slides to delete all unnecessary information like old version of presentation, unused images, xml data (only PP2007 store additional xml data) and etc. You need just read presentation with Aspose.Slides and write it back.

Thank you for your response to plunks post about file bloat, we know your time is valuable. We could use some more detail on this as your description is vague.
Did you try writing the file back out and did it indeed get smaller? We know this is a result of fast save- if user have been using fast save then the presentation already has file bloat.- -we need a method of getting rid of it.

As a test we have been able to manually delete all slides and the design template using powerpoint and still have the file contain 1.8 MB of data.
If we copy and paste the slides into a new preso the file using powerpoint it shrinks.

We reviewed a bench test today and found that…
Several months ago we used an earlier Dll of ASpose (v. and it seemed to eliminated file growth.
Today if we use the same code and swap out with the current Aspose Slides Dll we get file growth.

What we are doing is making individual ppts files from all slides in a presentation. When we do this we are also removing the master and assigning a “default” master with no graphics. Most of the time this works great- a little file overhead but that is expected. Then on some presentations- ones that have been edited like 200+ times if we run them thru each ppt file contains the “bloat”.
We are a current customer of Aspose and love the tool. We are able to do many things with it.
We would like to use Aspose to delete the “rogue” or hidden data that is beeing carried around. The only way I have found to do this is by hand using PowerPoint and copying slides to a new blank presentation.

Could you elaborate on what you know about this topic and look at the file Plunk submitted?
As always time is short.
Best Regards,

here is an example presentation. reading and writing leaves it at 1.5mb with the latest dll
also reading and cloning slides to a new presentation then writing will not remove the extra stuff

Thanks for looking at this, this problem is is rare but it is important to us.

Dear Plunk,

Did you remove your fat presentation? Please attach it here again.


I have verified, Aspose.Slides works and reduces the size to 15 kb.

Below is the code used by me.

Presentation srcPres = new Presentation(@"d:\downloads\2007Roadmapsingleslide.ppt");



You can also reduce the size of this particular presentation 2007Roadmapsingleslide.ppt by using PowerPoint, if you open Slide Master, press select all "Ctrl + A", then while holding "Ctrl" key deselect placeholders one by one by clicking on them and finally save them with "Save As..." menu command. You will see, it has reduced the size to almost 17kb

Yes powerpoint does remove the extra data when we copy the slides over, but we cannot have office automation.

I also did confirm that the file does shrink with 2.5.4.

We will run through different versions and let you know in what version the behavior changes.

Hopefully we can figure out what is happening.

The presentation is broken. Master slide contains invisible shape (it just has wrong attributes and MS PowerPoint can’t show it) with linked 1.5 mb OLE object (PowerPoint SlideShow).

In theory, you can use any old version of Aspose.Slides (e.g. 2.5.4) to reduce size although it doesn’t solve the main problem. It should just break the link and delete OLE object but shape won’t be repared anyway.

Thanks Alexy,
Okay, we interrogated all the objects through Aspose and were not able to find the “broken” object. Is there a way that we can remove/delete the object via Aspose? In other words, how were you able to locate/find the object.

BTW: We found that (6/23/06) version and (6/28/06) version of Aspose corrects the problem in this ppt. However, version (7/2/06) no longer fixes the problem. This might help you identify why the older version fixes the problem and the newer versions do not. Is it possible that a newer (future) could fix this problem as well.

In the meantime, we need a way (hopefully thru Apose) to fix the problem (broken link you found).
If so, is it possible to have a hot fix for the currently dll that might fix the problem?

Thanks again for the help!

Hello Jeremy,

Versions before 2.5.6 had a bug and could delete OLE objects which referenced from shapes.
In 2.5.6 bug was fixed and now such OLE objects are not deleted.

I think we can try to create fix which can delete broken shapes with objects.
The only problem is how to identify such shapes.
Do you have more such “fat” presentations? The more the better.

Hi Alexey,

We have attached another presentation as an example of a presentation that contains unresolved OLE links:

Since the v2.5.4 version of Aspose.Slides was able to remove these references, is it possible to provide a method within the API that would allow us to remove these references.

We are finding that if you select Properties >> Content from the PowerPoint menu that it lists these as "Embedded OLE Servers". This is not a problem for slides that need these references, however, if slides do not need these references it causes slide PPTs saves to be very large. We are providing an example of this via the attachment named "slide.ppt".

Please let us know if it is possible to add an API that would allow us to delete these unused OLE references?


I did some forum searches and our need seems to be simular to this thread:

Consider this scenario:
We have a PPT that has several slides and a couple of OLE servers in use in the PPT.
If we use Aspose to delete all slides except one, from a PPT we woud like to be able to check if the remaining slide uses any of the OLE servers. If it doesnt - we would like to delete the unused OLE servers from the file and then save the PPT.

Is detecting and deleting unused OLE servers currently possible?

This is a show stopper for us until it is resoloved. Any word on a hot fix for us? Can we do anything else to assist in trouble shooting? Please let us know.

Best Regards,

Hot fix will be available at the end of this week.