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Feasibility of using 2 dll versions in a sharepoint bin directory

We are using Aspose.words.dll for .net v6.0.1.0 in a share point web application. Due to Table Of content for word file not getting generated we are planning to use aspose.words.dll for .net v 10.3. As there are other applications under same sharepoint web application configured to use aspose, upgrading the dll would break other applications in the farm. Please suggest if it is feasible to use 2 dll versions at a time in the sharepoint bin directory to be accessed by different applications. GAC deployment for dll is not feasible due to negative impact to other applications in the farm.


Thanks for your request. I think, there should not be any issues with using two version of Aspose.Words. I suppose this might help you:

But anyways it would be better to update all application on your farm to use the same (new) version of Aspose.Words.

Upon upgrading the following information might be useful for you:

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