Feature request for Excel.web


We love the look of the Excel.Web product, but there are a few features we would love to see:
1. Prevent data entry into cells that are locked (or protected).

2. Allow for drop-down lists in cells (Excel validation feature)

3. Provide a double click event on the row/cell. That way, we can use this viewer as a launch pad to other parts of the application (based on where the user double-clicks).
This last point is the most important. At the moment, your only choice with the viewer is to save the whole thing back to the server. An alternative may be to add a link or button to a row so you take some action.

Any idea of time frame? We are developing our application now… :slight_smile:

mitch Stephens


Hi mitch,

Thank you for considering Aspose.Excel.Web.

I will discuss your feature requests with our developers. Shortly we will give you a specific plan.


We will add these features to Aspose.Excel.Web before the end of this month.


Your requested features are available now. Please download and try Aspose.Excel.Web v1.1 at http://www.aspose.com/Products/Aspose.Excel.Web/Downloads.html.