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Field values not generated in the output pdf

I am new to aspose.pdf.form,To day i worked small sample but it couldn’t work properly.I am using Abode Designer 7.0.
I am also sending the code.I tried using hotfix but no use.

Aspose.Pdf.Form.License license = new Aspose.Pdf.Form.License();
string strLicense=@“D:\PDFLicense\Aspose.Pdf.Form.lic”;

string strfileName=@“D:\CreatePDf\fir.pdf”;
string strfileName1=@“D:\CreatePDf\firoutput.pdf”;

Form form = new Form(strfileName,strfileName1);

the outputpdf doesn’t display the string in the textfield1.
so let me know the mistakes.

thanking you

Adobe changed the way fields are named with Designer 7. If you named the field “TextField1”, that’s now the “friendly name”. In order to properly fill fields created by Designer 7, you must use the actual field name. It will look something like:

form.FillField("#form[0].#subform[0].TextField1[0]", “Ramana”);

Run a debug foreach loop on the FieldsNames property to see what the actual fieldnames are.

Dear vvramananet,

Thanks for considering Aspose.Pdf.Form.
Just as cohenn said, Adobe Designer 7.0 is mainly designed for GUI users, so its fields’ names are allways oddball. They are not the same as you set and see in the Adobe Designer 7.0 , which is not the same as the Adobe 6.0.

So if you want to get the exact name of the fields, you could use the API in debug and print them, the API is

Thank you, cohenn, for your enthusiastic and useful answer.

Best regards.

Hi ken,
Thank you for replay…I tried with this it’s work perfectly.
but for Radio buttons and Dropdown list it’s not work.
so can you give me the sample examples for radio button and dropdown list

Dear vvramananet,

Please read the following wiki, there is detailed guide and good example.
This the complete example:

This the guide about how to fill many kind of field:

Best regards.

Hi Ken,

Thank you for Replay.already i have seen these example.
Here they specify that only text filed of abode designer 7.0 they didn’t specify Radio buttons and DropDown list.And also one more question In the following URL they spcify that 48 fully-working examples in C#,could you tell me where should i find this examples.

Hi, vvramananet,

You are welcome.
About other type fields, the way to fill them is the same in Adobe 6.0 or 7.0, the only one difference is that the name format is changed. So it is the same way that you should get the exact name of other type fields, you could use the API in debug and print them, the API is

About the "48 fully-working examples in C#", it is my fault that I wrote some not exact information. I will change it. Another good example is in the demo directory of your installed directory.

Best regards.

Hi ken,
Thank you for replay.
I’'ll try using the same format for other fields also.
If anything else let you know