Fields Unlink



Once we've merged a document, we would like to unlink the fields on the resulting document. This allows the document to be saved without any dependencies. Are there any plans to support this feature in any coming release?




Just to be sure:

Do you have existing template documents linked to a database, that you want to merge with Aspose.Words instead of MS Word, and you want to remove the database link afterwards?

Because Aspose.Words does not require any database link to be present in document. Data source for MailMerge is defined in code.


Thanks for the response.

Once a document is merged, the fields still exist as conditional fields and dynamic fields such as include text are still only a link. When you 'unlink' the field collection or each field object, these no longer become dynamic fields. i.e. conditional fields such as 'if' are evaluated, the result added and then removed from the document.

This allows the document to be saved without the conditional fields and any includes fully added.

This is the functionality we would be looking for.



I regret to say that 'IF' fields evaluation is not supported by Aspose.Words yet. We plan to add this functionality eventually but I cannot provide exact timeframe now.