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File cannot be opened when certain Asian characters are added to text layers



I have verified from our issue tracking system and like to share that the issue is tentatively going to get resolved in upcoming Aspose.Imaging for .NET 18.10. We will share the feedback with you as soon as the issue will be fixed.


I tested the issue with 18.11 - thing is that it only solves very small subset of problematic characters, namely Chinese Simplified. Full solution needs to address all Asian characters, please look into these (there could be others as well:

  1. 20941 characters from the CJK Unified Ideographs block.
    Code points U+4E00 to U+9FCC.

U+4E00 - U+62FF
U+6300 - U+77FF
U+7800 - U+8CFF
U+8D00 - U+9FCC
2) 6582 characters from the CJKUI Ext A block.
Code points U+3400 to U+4DB5. Unicode 3.0 (1999).

  1. 42711 characters from the CJKUI Ext B block.
    Code points U+20000 to U+2A6D6. Unicode 3.1 (2001).

U+20000 - U+215FF
U+21600 - U+230FF
U+23100 - U+245FF
U+24600 - U+260FF
U+26100 - U+275FF
U+27600 - U+290FF
U+29100 - U+2A6DF
3) 4149 characters from the CJKUI Ext C block.
Code points U+2A700 to U+2B734. Unicode 5.2 (2009).

  1. 222 characters from the CJKUI Ext D block.
    Code points U+2B740 to U+2B81D. Unicode 6.0 (2010).

  2. CJKUI Ext E block.



I have observed your comments and request you to please provide the source file, generated output and used sample along with snapshot describing the remaining issues. We will be able to investigate the issue further on our end on provision of requested information.


It’s still the same file, same code as when I started the thread - not sure what else you need. I specified which characters are causing issues and defined their Unicode ranges.
Note - without this working, the library is quite unusable.



I have observed the information shared and like to shared by you and have created an issue with ID IMAGINGAINET-74 in our issue tracking system to further investigate and resolve the issue. This thread has been linked with the issue so that you may be notified once the issue will be fixed.


do you have any update about this issue?



I have observed your comments. I regret to inform that issue is still unresolved. We will share feedback regarding ETA soon. I request for your patience.


Hello, on the same problem, do you have any indication when a complete fix will be issued? (to make sure all Asian characters are safe to include in the text)
This is preventing us from going into production with our software which uses Aspose.



I have verified from our issue tracking system and regret to share that at present the issue is still unresolved. We request for your patience till the time the issue gets resolved.


Thank you for your response but by question was about “WHEN” Aspose thinks this will be resolved (I realize a commitment is hard to give, but at least an indication of current plans would be adequate).

Also, can you confirm or infirm if this issue is present in Aspose.PSD for .NET?



I like to inform this issue is present in Aspose.PSD and that is going to be resolved tentatively in Aspose.PSD 19.4. I request for your patience until issue get resolved.