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File Corrupt when i save


i have a word document in the attachments. normally open and save. no problem or error return but i wanna open document with word then file format is corrupted.

Ahmet Demirel

Please provide information about the origin of this file (how it was created). If you made this file by changing template document with Aspose.Words, then please provide the template document and the code snippet that was used to make the attached document.

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my file was created in office 2002. i did uninstall previous version of Aspose.Words and installed latest version ( then rebuild....

Before update MyFile certaintly not opened. Double Click the file Word said corrupt file repair file then nothing (error page to sending information)

After update Myfile can be opened but several seconds later Word encounter error ... then repair file screen then document was opened. when i close the word, it says save as repaired copy or delete or cancel dialog screen?

adding some information ;

When i look the repaired file; Show Error --> Errors were detected in this file, but word was able to open the file by making the repair list below. Save the file to make the repairs permanent.

Below List --> Text Boxes 1

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If the attached file was made by Aspose.Words then please provide the initial document and code snippet which were used to create this document. This will help us to reproduce and fix the error which leads to creation of corrupted files by Aspose.Words. If this file became corrupted due to other reasons, then I am afraid I cannot help you.

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hi Vladimir,

i am sending the original file. thanks for your care.

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Ahmet Demirel

Bimser Çözüm

Thanks, Ahmet. I have reproduced the error. It is now logged to our defect base as issue #1137. We will try to fix it in our next hotfix which will be published in a few weeks.

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The problem is fixed in Aspose.Words 4.0.