File error data may have been lost


Getting the “file error data may have been lost” error. I tried the rebuild utility that was suggested in another thread, and DLed the latest version, but I’m still getting this issue when I open up my template spreadsheet. I didn’t have this issue until I inserted a column in one of my worksheets.



Could you please post your template file and sample code here? I will check it ASAP.


Surely. Here you go, thanks for the help! In the code.txt file you’ll find the specific code that was giving me a problem. I’ve also included the .cs file so you can see everything in context.

Thanks again!


Please download and try v3.4.5 at It’s fixed.


Yep that fixed it. Thanks Laurence!

Note to anyone else having this problem. I had to remove, and re-add the reference to Aspose.Excel to get the changes to take after downloading the latest version…